Upskirting is the practice of making unauthorized photographs under a woman's skirt or man's kilt, capturing an image of the crotch area, underwear and sometimes genitalia. The solution that I came up with is an anklet designed to prevent upskirting by jamming the perpetrator's mobile and transfer personal data from the perpetrator's mobile to victim's mobile.

Concept Video
Process of finding a unique Problem
Understanding the problem of Upskirting
Stories of the victims
Design Intervention
Solution Architecture
Tech Exploration

To prevent the perpetrator from taking pictures underneath the victim's skirt, it was essential to jam the camera. It could to done by visually jamming the camera or using the signal jammers so that the camera doesn't work near the skirt or my introducing a glitch with will render the perpetrator's camera useless. 

Visual Jamming

Visually Jamming the camera. Using Lights and IR Lights

EMP jammer

Making EMP jammer. To jam the perpetrator's mobile phone when he tries to upstirt

Camera Glitch & Data transfer 

Introducing camera glitch whenever the perpetrator tries to upskirt and transferfering information from perpetrator's mobile to victim mobile so that she can trace the perpetrator.

Designing the accessary

Quick user study

Anklet form exploration

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