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New Media Designer

I believe in humanising technology

I am a new media designer, maker, tester and user.

I love learning how people think and behave, and leverage research to design user centered products & experiences

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User Research.  Experience Design.  EduTech

Interactive audio storyteller that encourages reading in kids in a fun way

NoteSpace: Take notes from videos and online classes

Problem of Upskirting

Solving.  Speculative Design.  Women Safety

Sketchnotes.  UX/UI Design.  Note taking

Clear Mind

Adobe.  Interaction Design.  Travel app Internship

User Research.  UX/UI Design.  Job portal


AR.  Heritage.  Storytelling

Rubegoldberg Machine

Treasure.  Motion Design.  Storytelling


VR.  Illustrations.  Freelance

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